The St Roch IVF Center

Steeped in history, Montpellier is renowned for its universities and its lively cultural life offering an optimum environment for your IVF treatment.
It has the oldest University of Medicine in Europe, founded in the 13th century. Since then, Montpellier has acquired an excellent reputation in medical treatments.

Our Medically Assisted Procreation Center began its infertility treatment activities in 1986 and currently undertakes around 1000 IVF treatments each year.


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5,000 births by in vitro fertilization since the creation of the St Roch IVF Centre

In May 2017, we celebrated the birth of the 5,000th child born by IVF. The event was the subject of a report on the French television channel France 3 :

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Each year, hundreds of foreign and French couples with conception difficulties visit experts in the cities of southern France to take full advantage of not only their technical facilities but also their diverse tourist attractions.

Browsing this site, you will discover the Center and its medical staff.
You will find useful contact information. If you live far away, information necessary to plan your stay is contained in downloadable documents.

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Coming to France for IVF treatment

If you live in the UK, in the US or you are an English speaker and are thinking of coming to France for IVF treatment, this website has been designed to help you organize your stay and treatment in the best possible manner.

By taking a look at this site, you’ll be able to find out about the centre itself and some of the medical team, and to find all the information you’ll need for getting in touch with us.

“To the whole team, a big, a deep, a huge thank you….”

Anne-Sophie and Eric
“Thank you… thanks again… forever”
Sophie and Kirti

“A big thank you to the whole team of the St Roch Gynecology Center and the St Roch AMP Center…”

Magali and Jérome
“I want to thank the entire St Roch team …”
Aurore and Pierre

“Many thanks to the whole team…”

Sylvie and Frédéric