Schedule – IVF Process

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This article explains the steps to be followed  when undergoing IVF treatment for women who do not live in Montpellier. 2 visits to Montpellier are needed :

1st visit: Initial Consultation (one day)

At least 1 month before the start of treatment, this visit involves 3 consultations and biological
examinations in order to establish the indication for IVF

With the Gynæcologist

You will be required to bring with you all your infertility reports that have been carried out at home (hormonology, hysterography, ultrasound scans, and spermograms)
This is the time to discuss your infertility and find out if IVF is indicated in your case. If it is, you will be prescribed stimulation treatment.

With the Biologist

Semen analysis, blood sample for serology.
Then comes an interview with the co-ordinating biologist to inform you about the procedure for the treatment and for signing the consent forms.

With the Anæthesist

Ovarian puncture is performed under general anæsthetic,
and so requires a pre-anæsthesia consultation.

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2nd visit : Monitoring ovulation and IVF

This stay includes ultrasound scans and blood tests and will only require one half-day’s hospitalization (the day of the puncture)

  1. From day 8 of stimulation

Ultrasound scans and blood samples (estradiol and LH). Every day or every other day prior to IVF
around 2 or 3 times in all.

  1. The day of IVF

Female partner: admitted to the clinic in the morning, fasting, for the puncture under general anæsthetic, leaves again late morning
Male partner: sperm collection in the laboratory between 8–9 am.

  1. The day of transfer

2–5 days after the puncture, at the laboratory.

You will have a consultation with the biologist and the gynæcologist to explain to you how the transfer will take place and to discuss the embryo situation.

Planning your stay

Patients living far away and who want to stay in Montpellier during the treatment:
The length of stay is 5-9 days with ultrasound and blood tests approximately every 2 days.

The surveillance period does not require complete rest, this allows for moving about the city.
However, with the agreement of the referring gynaecologist, your stay in Montpellier may be shortened to 3-5 days if the necessary proper surveillance is available near your home.

The stay in Montpellier requires only half a day of hospitalisation (day of puncture) and allows for plenty of free time between each period of follow-up procedures.

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