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2012 : Start of vitrification

It is a well known abroad technique and has been authorized in France. This is a more efficient rapid freezing of embryos, which replaces the slow freezing technique.

November 2010

2010 – Start of the IMSI

This is a new technique to select the best sperm for ICSI, which is proposed for some male infertility indications or unexplained IVF failures.

July 2010

ISO 9001 Certification

The fertility clinic St Roch, combining clinical and biological activities of Medical Assistance to Procreation (infertility treatment by insemination and in vitro fertilization) is certified ISO 9001.
This certification is official recognition for the quality of the management of the infertile couple. It takes into account the reception, medical diagnostics and biological and medical treatment to monitoring supported.



Presentation of the Embryoscope at the AMP St Roch Center in Montpellier

Presentation of the IMSI technique by AMP St Roch Center

The center AMP St Roch celebrates 5000th baby IVF!

France 3 reports the birth of the 5000th baby born by FIV at AMP St Roch Center

The relocation of embryos to the new St Roch Clinic (1/2)

The relocation of embryos to the new St Roch Clinic (2/2)

AMP St Roch Center Presentation, Montpellier – France

The origin of life / L’origine de la vie

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